Non-Electrified Musical UnFest
(AKA the "UnFest")
Location and details
2017 UnFest dates
June 16th - 18th

Everyone needs a spring music outing and campout, right?

We felt for a long time that at most of the larger festivals like the FunFest in Evart, the time before the festival opens is the most fun. So we thought why not have a "pre-festival" weekend and just not bother to have the festival! Just a bunch of folks playing, eating and visiting (not necessarily in that order). And since it is at Whispering Waters Campground, WE DON'T HAVE TO DO ANY WORK! In other words, the organizers can have fun too. What a concept!

Who is invited?

Anyone who wants to come! No performers or performances or workshops planned. Just fun.

Note that while Cindy and I are basically dulcimer players and there will be a bunch of dulcimers, everyone is invited. Any instrument is more than welcome. Vocalists too! There is plenty of room to spread out and have as many different jam sessions as anyone desires.

Paul Goelz
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