1999 UnFest Photo Scrapbook

Here are some video captures from the 1999 (second annual) UnFest at the Whispering Waters Campground in Hastings Michigan. If you were there, you may be here.... if you weren't, see you next year?
The "field of dreams"? Well, the common area where we played, anyway! You're getting closer! That's the "banjo house" in front of the big canopy kindly provided by John and Martha Kuch.
Robin Leguillow in the foreground, with Judith Lindenau in the background. Can't remember what we were playing! And Martha Kuch on her magic harp. If you haven't heard her play, you need to!
Morgan Humecki on bass (he plays anything!) And we had Carol Kimball from Grand Haven on the guitar to round out the sound. With all those dulcimers, we needed her! :)
Cindy "Speed Queen" Simmons settin' the pace...... ..... and Sherry Humecki keepin' right up with her! That's Linda Foley in the background.
Cindy and Roger and..... what's that in the background? A b.. ba.... banj.... BANJO? "Hey, that's almost a good tune!"
Hey, that's our own Michigan Bag Lady, Peg Earl in the center. And of course "Twister", Judith's Portuguese Water Dog.