2000 UnFest Photo Scrapbook

Better late than never? Here are some snapshots from the 2000 UnFest. More people, more fun, more music, more space.... more everything! See you in 2001? Hope so!
A jam on Saturday, as I remember. Under the canopy in the big field. The cool thing this year was that this was not the only jam in town... there were lots of jams scattered around the site. Colette and Peg... Colette, will you lighten up a bit!!!
Another Saturday morning jam, this time at the Morningstar's campsite. The "family area", full of music and RVs and people. Well, RVs anyway... most of the people are off making music!
More jamming at the Morningstar's. And the unknown musician.... how many folks have met Lost Vally's own Curt Sanders?
A great shot of Les Raber and his brother Merl, at the Morningstar's campsite. And that porch! What a great spot to play. A porch like porches are supposed to be like... high, wide, shaded, overlooking the entrance to the campground. We had music there there Saturday and Sunday.