Rules of Conduct

Have fun. This is mandatory. And this means YOU.

All banjos must be on a leash and walked off the campgrounds.

All dulcimers must be tuned each day. A440 will be conveniently provided on the camp PA speaker each morning at 6:00 AM for that purpose.

A separate area will be provided for hurdy-gurdies, for their own protection. :))

Organization, or the appearance thereof, will not be permitted without a damn good reason!

No organization of any sort will be permitted once the not-festival begins.

Rule # 38A If it's nearing meal time and people want to eat it is permissable to mention that fact. They may also mention they will be leaving and offer to move their instruments from the center of the jam. Others may then dive into the car as it passes the jam or attach themselves to the windshield wipers, antenae, handles, roof top, hitch, etc. using velcro or bungees from the awning. Others may chose to follow in their own conveyences.

Rule #38 A subsection 1.2 No counting of "how many", "who" or "where" or "when exactly" may be discussed without proper forms being submitted in triplicate to the person-not-in-charge-of-meals.

Additional sugegsted rules may be submitted to the rules subcommittee at "paul at pgoelz dot com" (who hates spam, therefore the disguised address). Really obnoxious ones will end up here!