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The following are some links and resources for the Piccolo. Please note that I am not necessarily endorsing any product or service; merely providing links to other sources of information for the Piccolo. However, many of these vendors are frequent participants on the Piccolo BBS and all provide an invaluable source of Piccolo stuff.

Happy flying!

US Vendors

Astroflight Motors (including the AF010 brushless), speed controllers, chargers, accessories.
Bishop Power Products Kokam lithium polymer cells and a nice affordable dual output LiPoly charger.
Castle Creations Speed controls including the terrific Phoenix series brushless controllers.
Dreamhobbies OEM and aftermarket Piccolo parts.
Dymond Modelsports Super Turbo Charger and the Ikarus Mini Gyro plus much much more electric flight stuff.
FMA Direct Kokam lithium polymer cells and chargers..... plus much more.
HeliHobby.com OEM and aftermarket Piccolo parts and modifications.
Hobby Lobby Piccolo parts page
Homefly.com A US source for the JMP HF9-32 high frequency tail motor controller and other interesting goodies.
Ikarus USA All Ikarus products including Piccolos and parts. Online ordering (although it appears as though the shopping cart system is not on a secured site).
Pierre's web site. Aluminum aftermarket rotor hubs and other goodies.
Precision Model Products Piccolo upgrade swashplates, hubs, gears, and much more. Warren also carries Ikarus OEM replacement parts.
RC-Direct Berg receivers and Schulze controllers.
Robert Lee's carbon fibre replacement blades
Todd's Models Brass pinions and lots of other cool stuff.
Tail motors: For an alternate (and much cheaper) source for the tail motor (same as used on the Wattage B2 bomber), call Hobby People in California and ask for their item number 128470. This is the replacement motor for the now discontinued Wattage B2 park flyer. Price is $10.99 for a package of two motors. These motors are no longer on their web site but are still available by phone. As of January 2003, they had "plenty of them" in stock. 800-854-8471. Foreign orders call 714-963-9881.

UK Vendors

"E-Flight" Ian Ankers' ("Anks" on the Piccolo BBS) new site. All sorts of Piccolo goodies and upgrade parts. He accepts charge cards and ships internationally.
Inwood Models Carbon rod & piano wire etc
Maplin Vanson NiMh cells.
Midland Helicopters
Modelfixings Bearings.
Overlander Batteries, connectors & cable etc
SkyLine Models
Sussex Model Center Good general mail order company with good service.
West London Models General hobby supplies plus electric flight supplies including chargers, cells and packs.

Spanish Vendors

RC Material.com RC Material is an excellent source of LiPo packs and cells as well as other micro heli goodies and information. Run by Gonzalo Chomon ("Gonzo" on the forums). Ships worldwide.

German Vendors

Ikarus Germany (English site) All Ikarus products including Piccolos and parts.
Ikarus Germany (Deutsche version) All Ikarus products including Piccolos and parts. Online ordering.
as-technikservice CNC-Parts für den Piccolo Machined gears and other parts.
Schulze Electronik Speed controllers and related supplies.
CNC-Parts für den Piccolo Machined main gear.
Wes-Technik Vast array of electric flight supplies including small motors and LiPoly chargers. English and German versions.

Other web sites

Berg Enterprises Peter Berg's web site. The designer of the Berg receivers. Read it from the horse's mouth.
Ikarus web site (English)
Ikarus web site (Deutsch)
Dream Models Micro Heli web site. A friendly place for discussions about any micro heli.
RADDs School of Rotary Flight. A genius method of learning to hover a micro heli via the internet. Takes things in small easy to manage bites.
Piccolo BBS at the Ikarus web site.
Ikarus general forum at RCHeliSpot.com
Piccolo forum at RCHeliSpot.com

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