Piccolo Electric Heli, photo page

Any idea how hard it is to set a self timer and then get the danged Piccolo into position before the timer fires? And look at that coning angle... no wonder it doesn't like forward flight!!

And here's what I finally got around to doing. What I have always wanted to try... the real thing!! And boy is it different! Like a 30 second delay between cyclic input and aircraft response. OK, maybe not 30 seconds, but it sure felt like it. Just like the Piccolo did, it knocked me back a peg or two! The instructor showed me how you almost could not see the stick move when he did a side step. You sure could see it move when I hovered!!!!

As a finale, I flew the Piccolo in the hanger for him.

Other photos:

Battery mounting sling
Battery and electronics mounting
Piccolo in its carrying case
Piccolo accessory case
NEW! Piccolo thermal images!

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