M42 video capture

Imaged and captured on 18 March, 2000 at 0100 UTC.

Just to see if I could do it! And I did! This image is a composite of 21 video frames captured to an AVI file and stacked with AstroStack. Following that, MaxIM was used to flatten the background and apply a simple stretch to bring out the nebulosity. So it is possible (barely) with an 8" f10 and an $80 video camera. Note that the nebulosity is not visible in a single frame capture or in the live video view, due to noise. The stacking has reduced the noise to the point where the nebula is (barely) visible.

Telescope: 8" f10 Meade LX200.

Camera: PC23C video camera from Super Circuits at prime focus, modified to prevent video gain from rising on small bright targets.

Capture device: ATI All In Wonder Pro video card at 640 by 480 resolution.

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