Live (occasionally) Solar and/or Lunar Imaging

If you don't see an image above, check to make sure you have Java enabled. Or click here for a non-Java version.

If the image above does not have "PREVIOUSLY CAPTURED" superimposed over it, it is being updated in real time. The image will automatically update if you have Java enabled. If not, use your RELOAD button periodically to update it. Also note that I have noticed while experimenting with WebCam32 (see below) that Netscape 4.0x does not always refresh when asked to do so with the REFRESH button. Try Internet Explorer instead if you suspect that you are not refreshing (in other words, if the time shown in the caption does not change about once per minute).

Click here for a view of what us northerners have to put up with to bring you webcasts like this! And click here for a view of where this wimp sits while the scope shivers in the cold.....

Description of my remote controlled observation setup

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Equipment used:

8" f10 Meade LX200 (with 3" off-axis solar filter for solar images), remote controlled from inside the house using Earth Centered Universe (a planetarium program) and/or ACP (Astronomers Control Panel), a remote control panel for the LX200 telescope.

PC23C video camera from Super Circuits at prime focus, modified to prevent video gain from rising on small bright targets. Capture contrast will be adjusted to hopefully allow seeing detail on the limb.

Capture device:
ATI All In Wonder Pro video card at 640 by 480 resolution.

Webcam software:
WebCam32 a Windows 95, Windows98 and Windows NT application which allows video camera images to be displayed within a web page.

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