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Leslie "Red" Raber ("Les" to all of us) was a Michigan Fiddler and a farmer. See the Les Raber section of the Golden Griffon Stringtet web site for much more background information, tune books and recordings.

This page is a temporary repository for some recently discovered cassette recordings of Les made by John Freeman on September 21-23, 1990. In them, Les is playing at the fouth annual Michigan Dance Heritage weekend.

Most of the recordings are of the fiddle workshop featuring Les and accompanied by Laura Stein on piano. There are also some from a dance that weekend called by Dean Wooden and accompanied by Glen and Judi Morningstar.  

These recordings are made available for personal use only, through the generosity of John Freeman, Michigan Dance Heritage and the Les Raber Memorial Foundation (who retain all rights). They are MP3 files and should play in any PC or MP3 player that can play MP3 files. To play, click on the individual MP3 files in either a PC or a Mac. To download on a PC, right click the file and select "download". To download on a Mac, either right click or control click the file and select download.

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