10/28/99, 0145 UTC (un-processed) Same image, after resampling at double resolution, mild average filter, contrast reduction, 2 X 10 pixel uinsharp mask, 20 pixel unsharp mask at 50%, and resampling at original resolution.
11/01/99, 0030 UTC, processed as above to show surface detail. 11/01/99, 0030 UTC, processed to show Io, Europa and Callisto.
11/06/99, 0230 UTC, processed as above.

Scope: 8" f10 LX200, prime focus, with 2X barlow (f20).

Camera: PC23C video camera from Super Circuits, modified by me to prevent video gain from rising on small bright targets.

Capture device: ATI All In Wonder Pro video card at 640 by 480 resolution

Left image is the raw capture. Right image was processed with a 10 pixel unsharp mask and the contrast was stretched.

Seeing was moderately awful.

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